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Induced Photo-Oxidative Degradation of Nylon 6 Fishing Net TwinesMeenakumari, B; Radhalakshmi, KIJFTR Vol.13(2) [June 1988]84-86
Drafting of Jute: Part I-Effect of Draft on Irregularity of Drawing SliversDatta, U; Bhadra, S C; Palit, SIJFTR Vol.13(2) [June 1988]80-83
Effect of Chemical Treatment on Dynamic Modulus of Indian and Exotic WoolsChopra, S K; Parthasarathy, S; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]21-22
Properties of Jute/Polypropylene Blended Yarns Texturized by Sodium Hydroxide SolutionSinha, A K; Mathew, M D; Roy, DIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]26-30
Modification of Poly (ethylene terephthalate) Fibre by Polymer Blending with Poly(butylene terephthalate) Fibre: Part II-Sequential Melt-blending and SpinningViswanath, C S; Deopura, B L; Mishra, S PIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]23-25
Frictional Behaviour of Dref Yarn, Air Jet Yarn and Ring-spun Yarn with Reference to Textile Contact SurfacesKalayanaraman, A RIJFTR Vol.13(2) [June 1988]92-94
Test Methods for Air-Jet Textured YarnsSrinivasan, J; Kothari, V K; Sengupta, A KIJFTR Vol.13(2) [June 1988]97-106
Studies on Interaction of Non-Ionic Surfactants with Some Acid Dyes by Spectrophotometric MethodKarmakar, S R; Kulkarni, P P; Savsani, M PIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]45-48
Role of Polyethylene Glycol-Fatty Acid Condensation Products in High-Temperature High-Pressure Dyeing of Polyester FibresDhara, Debasis; Gulrajani, M LIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]37-44
Low-Energy One-Step Fabric Preparation Using Peroxygen BoosterKaushik, R C D; Deshpande, S D; Srivastava, M LIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]31-36