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Application of photoacoustic FT- IR spectroscopy in textiles: studies on synthetic fabricsPandey, G CIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]160-163
Dimensional characteristics of jute and jute-rayon blended fabrics crosslinked with DMDHEUSom, N C; Mukherjee, A KIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]164-168
Influence of controlled pretension of the core on the hairiness of cotton-nylon core-spun yarnsTarafder, N; Chatterjee, S MIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]155-159
Design and development of prototype incremental drawing machineRakshit, Arup K; Misra, A; Dutta, BIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]151-154
Optimization of roller settings using span length conceptRatnam, T V; Chellamani, P; Karthikeyan, SIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]147-150
Synthesis of azodisperse dyes with pyridine ring for dyeing polyester fibres-Part IIfadda, A A; Elagizy, S AIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]177-183
Studies on feeding of wool-synthetic blend fabrics by larvae of insect pestsVeer, Vijay; Prasad, Rameshwar; Rao, K MIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]169-171
Synthesis of azodisperse dyes from 2-bis styryl-6-amino-4-oxoquinazoline and their application on polyester fibresNaik, N M; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]184-186
Potassium monopersulphate-initiated grafting of acrylic acid onto jute fibresSamal, R K; Samal, R N; Dash, Sabyasachi; Samantaray, H SIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]187-190
Modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibre by polymer blending with poly(butylene terephthalate) fibre: Part V- Extrusion behaviourMishra, S P; Deopura, B LIJFTR Vol.14(4) [December 1989]172-176