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Two novel coordination polymers based on multicarboxylate derivatives and flexible dipyridyl ligand: Synthesis, structures and photoluminescent propertiesLi, Xiao-Ling; Liu, Guang-Zhen; Xin, Ling-Yun; Li, Gui-Lian; Ma, Lu-Fang; Li, Jing-WenIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1098-1103
On the structural, morphological and gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline SnO2Muthuvinayagam, A; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1092-1097
Oxidation of amoxicillin by hexacyanoferrate(III) in aqueous alkaline medium—A kinetic and mechanistic approachDurgannavar, Amar K; Patgar, Manjanath B; Chimatadar, Shivamurti AIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1085-1091
Enhanced photocatalytic Fe3+ reduction with H2O2 generation by TiO2 anatase/rutile blendKarunakaran, C; Vasumathi, D; Vinayagamoorthy, PIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1076-1084
Chlorine dioxide–iodine–acetylacetone oscillation reaction investigated by UV-vis spectrophotometryShi, Laishun; Li, Demei; Chen, Jingjing; Gao, JianIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1109-1113
Computational modeling of novel donor-acceptor ternary copolymers: Some interesting resultsThakral, Priyanka; Bakhshi, A KIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1069-1075
Reaction of electron-deficient triosmium cluster Os3(CO)83-Ph2PCH(CH3)P(Ph)C6H4}(μ-H) with HCl: X-ray structure of two isomers of Os3(CO)8{μ-Ph2PCH(CH3)PPh2}(μ-Cl)(μ-H)Uddin, Md Miaz; Rajbangshi, Subas; Ghosh, Shishir; Siddiquee, Tasneem A; Kabir, Shariff EIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1104-1108
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 7 of 7