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Title: Role of biotechnology in medicinal plant management
Authors: Mishra, Prashant Kumar
Chaudhary, Shashi Bhushan
Tripathy, Prem Shankar Mani
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Utility of medicinal plants in the treatment of various diseases has been accepted from ancient time. Discovery of antibiotics and steroids seemed to revolutionize the medicinal world. But, as long term side effect of these compounds was experienced, people once again started reverting to medicinal plants. The importance of conservation and management of medicinal plants is clear. Biotechnology can be used in this direction successfully. Population of a large number of medicinal plants is reducing and their demand is increasing. These plants can be propagated in sufficient number with the help of tissue culture. Trocus is a slow growing plant and the compound taxol obtained from it is highly useful in treatment of cancer. This compound can be obtained in the laboratory by cell culture methods. Standardisation of medicinal plants is a big problem. This can be solved by studying active molecules of plant with the help of biotechnology. In the era of globalisation, intellectual property has become a burning subject. Other countries have already tried to obtain patent on turmeric and neem. In such conditions conservation of plants and traditional knowledge is essential. It is urgent to prepare complete data base of traditional medicines and their preparations. Biotechnology can be applied successfully in this direction.
Page(s): 92-97
ISSN: 0771-7706
Appears in Collections:BVAAP Vol.15(1) [June 2007]

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