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Constituents of high altitude Himalayan herbs. part XX. A C-19 diterpenoid alkaloid from Aconitum balfouriiKhetwal, K SIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1364-1366
Facile and efficient synthesis of 1,8-naphthyridinyl phthalazine-1,4-diones under microwave irradiationMogilaiah, K; Rani, J Uma; Babu, H SharathIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1361-1363
Essential oil composition of Gliricidia sepium (Leguminosae) leaves and flowersKaniampady, Molykutty M; Arif, M Muhammed; Jirovetz, L; Shafi, P MohamedIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1359-1360
Pyrrolidine catalyzed regioselective and diastereoselective direct aldol reaction in waterMahajan, Dinesh; Chimni, Swapandeep SinghIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1355-1358
New monoterpenoids from Dracocephalum forrestii aerial partsLi, Gan-Peng; Zhao, Jing-Feng; Yang, Li-Juan; Yang, Xiao-Dong; Li, LiangIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1352-1354
An efficient C-C bond cleavage of 1,2-diols using tetraethylammonium superoxideSingh, Krishna Nand; Kumar, Rajesh; Shukla, Ajay KumarIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1347-1351
Synthesis of novel ⍺-arylpropionic acids and their derivativesArava, Veera Reddy; Siripalli, Udaya Bhaskara RaoIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1343-1346
Competitive [3,3] sigmatropic rearrangement of aryl propargyl ether moiety vs propargyl vinyl amine part in 6-[N-(4-aryloxybut-2-ynyl) N-methyl amino]coumarinsMajumdar, K C; Das, T K; Chattopadhyay, BIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1337-1342
Synthesis of some new 1-(6-fluorobenzothiazol-2-yl)- 3-(4-fluoro- phenyl)-5-arylpyrazolines and their iodine(III) mediated oxidation to corresponding pyra-zolesAggarwal, Ranjana; Kumar, Vinod; Singh, Shiv PIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1332-1336
An efficient synthesis of 2-aminobenzochromene derivatives catalysed by tetrabutylammoniumbromide (TBABr) under microwave irradiation in aqueous mediumPäsha, M A; Jayäshankara, V PIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1328-1331
Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some new 3-alkyl-, 3-(2-naphthyl)isocoumarins and their (dl)-3,4 dihydroderivativesKhan, Zulfiqar Ali; Rama, Nasim Hasan; Hussain, Muhammad Tahir; Khan, Gul ShahzadaIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1322-1327
Towards the total synthesis of MKN-349AReddy, Ch Maheedhara; Dev, R Vasu; Mukkanti, K; Acharyulu, Palle V RIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1318-1321
An RCM based approach to (±)-herbertene-1, 14-diol and (±)-tochuinyl acetatesSrikrishna, A; Rao, M SreenivasaIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1308-1317
Pinacol coupling of aromatic aldehydes and ketones mediated by TiCl₄-Zn in ethyl acetate under ultrasoundLi, Ji-Tai; Sun, Xue-Li; Lin, Zhi-Ping; Chen, Yan-Xue; Li, Tong-ShuangIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1303-1307
Development of aqua-soluble compounds based on vitamin A series molecules: Synthetic transformations of β-iononeLibsu, Solomon; Singh, Anil KIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1297-1302
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15