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Naphthalene azomesogens with terminal chloro groupsThaker, B T; Patel, D M; Tandel, P KIJC-B Vol.46B(06) [June 2007]1020-1024
Solventless synthesis of 2,4,10a-triaryl-1,10a-dihydro- 2H-pyrazino[2,1-b][1,3] benzoxazoleRavindran, G; Muthusubramanian, S; Selvaraj, S; Perumal, SIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1047-1050
3D-QSAR analysis of cycloguanil derivatives, highly active agents against A16V + S108T mutant of dihydrofolate reductase resistant strain (T9/94) of Plasmodium falciparumSingh, Vineet; Tiwari, MeenaIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1042-1046
Unusual KMnO₄oxidation product of β-iononeKamat, Shrivallabh P; D’Souza, Asha M; Paknikar, Shashikumar K; Bhadbhade, Mohan M; Gonnade, Rajesh GIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1038-1041
Synthesis of 2-aminophenyl-5-phenyl-4- [3-oxo-1,4-benzoxazin-6-yl] thiazoles as potential COX-2 inhibitorsVenkateshwar Kumar, T; Rao, K Srinivasa; Dubey, P K; Kumar, K Anil; Reddanna, PIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1033-1037
The anion recognition of simple-structure molecular tweezers receptors based on acyl-thioureaWei, Tai-bao; Wei, Wei; Cao, Cheng; Zhang, You-mingIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1028-1032
Synthesis of ⍺,⍺'-bis (arylmethylidene) cycloalkanones catalyzed by molecular iodine: An improved procedure for the Claisen-Schmidt condensationPäsha, M A; Jayäshankara, V PIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1025-1027
Synthesis of some 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives as potential anti-inflammatory agentsAmir, Mohd; Javed, S A; Kumar, HarishIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1014-1019
Synthesis and ¹H and ¹³C NMR spectral study of some t(3)-aryl-r(2),c(4)- dicarbalkoxy-c(5)- hydroxy-t(5)- methylcyclohexanones and their oximesAmirthaganesan, S; Sabapathy Mohan, R T; Murugavel, K; Muthukumaran, G; Pandiarajan, KIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1004-1013
Do the electronic effects of sulfur indeed control theπ-selectivity of ´/-sulfenyl enones? Further evidenceBabu, K Ganesh; Yadav, Veejendra KIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]1001-1003
A novel approach to 12-chloro-3-thio-4H-quino [3,2-e][1,3]diazocines via Vilsmeier Haack reactionKumar, R Nandha; Suresh, T; Dhanabal, T; Mohan, P SIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]995-1000
Copper-catalyzed substitution reactions of acylal with organomanganese reagentsDeshmukh, Madhukar B; Jadhav, Sunil D; Kadam, Shashikant VIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]989-994
Coumarin dimer and sesquiterpene lactones from Carpesium lipskyi WinklWang, Jian Nong; Gu, Shi Ping; Tan, Ren XiangIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]985-988
Microwave-assisted synthesis and biological activity of 3-alkyl /aryl-6- (1-chloro-3,4-dihydronaphth- 2-yl)-5,6-dihydro-s- triazolo [3,4-b] [1,3,4] thiadiazolesKamotra, Poonam; Gupta, Avinash K; Gupta, Rajive; Somal, P; Singh, SIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]980-984
Synthesis of conformationally constrained ⍺-imino acid derivatives via ring-closing metathesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Khedkar, PritiIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]975-979
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15