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Agent Based Secure Multicast Authentication on Wireless NetworkHameed, M S S; Kannan, NJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]271-276
Molecular dynamics simulation of homology modeled 2-nitropropane dioxygenase from Mycobacterium tuberculosisRamesh, K V; Solanki, M; Sharma, S; Deshmukh, SJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]277-280
Optimization of process parameters for α-amylase production under solid-state fermentation by Aspergillus awamori MTCC 9997Kalaiarasi, K; Parvatham, RJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]286-289
Performance evaluation of CALPUFF and AERMOD dispersion models for air quality assessment of an industrial complexGulia, S; Kumar, A; Khare, MJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]302-307
Efficiency and stability of carbon cloth electrodes for electricity production from different types of waste water using duel chamber microbial fuel cellJain, R; Tiwari, D C; Sharma, S; Mishra, PJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]308-314
Synthesis and Characterisation of Al 7075 reinforced with SiC and B4C nano particles fabricated by ultrasonic cavitation methodGopalakannan, S; Senthilvelan, TJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]281-285
Evaluation of Upstream Process parameters influencing the growth associated PHA accumulation in Bacillus sp. Ti3Israni, N; Shivakumar, SJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]290-295
Coupled Receptor-Dispersion model evaluation for the assessment of area source emission rateAnu, N; Nandagopal, M S G; Aneesh, V; Selvaraju, NJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]296-301
A New Approach to Cluster Datasets without Prior Knowledge of Number of ClustersSwapna, Ch Swetha; Kumar, V V; Murthy, J V RJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]261-264
Technology Forecasting using Topic-Based Patent AnalysisKim, Gab Jo; Park, Sang Sung; Jang, Dong SikJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]265-270