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Study of the optimum time of harvesting and dose of potash for maximum Sugarcane yield by using Response Surface MethodologyKumar, Rajendra; Sharma, S C; Singh, N PBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]172-176
A study of economical analysis on the cultivation of PotatoKumar, Manish; Vikram, AjitBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]156-159
Cultivation of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) in salt affected soilsSingh, R P; Singh, S N; Singh, R K; Yadav, Pankaj KumarBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]141-143
Coloration of natural diamonds : An experimental studyPandey, KamleshBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]124-131
Management of Viral diseases of Papaya through some plant productsSingh, Shyam; Awasthi, L P; Kumar, PradeepBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]132-136
Dextron-graft-2-achrylamydo-2-methyI-l-propane sulphonic acid : Synthetical & analytical studySrivastava, Abhishek; Bihari, KunjBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]137-140
Road transport and green house emission in IndiaShukla, Anuradha; Shukla, Rashmi; Rana, Neelam; Chaudhary, Monica; Gangopadhyay, SBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]144-151
Degradation of Indian wetlands and their restorution optionsSrivastava, N K; Ram, L C; Sinha, A KBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]164-166
Economic analysis of fish production and its marketingSingh, Manish Kumar; Singh, Alok KumarBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]152-155
Study of the use of dehydrated salts : as electrolytes in the fuel cellsDwivedi, Mrigank Mauli; Pandey, Kamlesh; Tripathi, MridulaBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]117-123