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Title: Impact of industrial & traffic induced air pollution on human health
Authors: Mudgal, Manish
Khan, Mohd Akram
Mishra, Deepti
Padmakaran, Prabha
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: World wide problem of nature's imbalance is becoming serious day-by-day. Every day new materials are being developed and manufactured in different industries and in turn industrial production generates severe environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is in such an undesirable situation that as a result of physical and chemical changes air, water and land loose their natural qualities which results in harmful effect on biological organisms and plants. The threat due to war by chemical weapons is not less dangerous than environment. Whether the choice for human war depends upon the nature of the human beings but the environment has degraded to such an extent that it has nothing else to give except the poisonous gases in the atmosphere. We are the persons who brought the environment to a dangerous state. We destroyed forests, developed concrete forests in cities, stopped flow of rivers, established new pollution generating industries, increased the generation of poisonous gases by use of various resources on earth resulting in breathing problems in the air. Situation is becoming worse to such an extent that none of the environmental components like air, water and land are exempted from the effects of pollution.
Page(s): 74-79
ISSN: 0771-7706
Appears in Collections:BVAAP Vol.16(1) [June 2008]

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