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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Synthesis of novel 1,2,4-oxadiazole heterocyclic compounds containing 2-H pyranopyridine-2-one moiety and related compoundsKumar, N Vasanth; Mashelker, Uday C
Jan-2007A novel synthesis of spiroisoxazoles via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of nitrile oxide to 6-arylidene 6,7,8,9- tetrahydrobenzo¬cyclohepten-5-oneVenkateswarlu, Peesapati; Vasireddy, Nageswara Rao
Jan-2007Microwave-assisted facile synthesis of a new class of asymmetrical diheteroarylmethanes bearing imidazopyridine moieties under solvent-free conditionDuan, Guiyun; Sun, Yawei; Liu, Junzhi; Zhao, Guilong; Zhang, Datong; Wang, Jianwu
Jan-2007Microwave assisted synthesis of N-(3-aryl-1,8-naphthyridin-2-yl) phthalimides under solvent-free conditionsMogilaiah, K; Sakram, B
Jan-2007Silica supported chromium trioxide: Microwave promoted oxidative ring closure of ⍺-cyano-β-thioenaminones to isothiazolesMishra, Manisha; Mahalanabis, Kumar K
Jan-2007Synthesis of N-(3′,5′-dimethyl- 4′-hydroxybenzyl)- N-tosyl-3,4-dimethoxybenzyl amineRaju, B China; Neelakantan, Parvathi; Bhalerao, U T
Jan-2007Microwave accelerated synthesis of novel spiro heterocyclesDabholkar, Vijay V; Parab, Sagar D
Jan-2007Phototransformation of 16⍺,17 ⍺-epoxy-3β-hydroxypregn- 5-ene-20-one to 3β-hydroxypregn-5-ene-16,20-dioneGirdhar, N Kumar; Faruk, Abdul; Suri, K Avtar; Ishar, M P S
Jan-2007Synthesis and primary cytotoxicity evaluation of new diaryltriazenesUnsalan, S; Rollas, S
Jan-2007QSAR studies of cytotoxic acridine 5,7-diones: A comparative study using P-VSA descriptors and topological descriptorsMoorthy, N S Hari Narayana; Karthikeyan, C; Trivedi, Piyush
Jan-2007Two new terpenes from the lichen Parmelia perlataAbdullah, S Tarique; Hamid, Hinna; Ali, Mohammad; Ansari, S H; Alam, M Sarwar
Jan-2007Alterntnate routes for the synthesis of ibuprofen piconolRaju, C M Haricharan; Anand, C Vijay; Dubey, P K; Acharyuluc, Palle V R
Jan-2007Conformational studies of some N-acyl-t(3)-isopropyl-r(2), c(6)-bis-(2'-furyl)piperidin-4-onesManimekalai, A; Selvaraju, K; Maruthavanan, T
Jan-2007Recyclable polymer bound Pd(0) phosphine catalyst for effecting sp²-sp² and sp²-sp carbon-carbon coupling reactions in aqueous mediumKoshti, Nirmal; Parab, Bharat; Naik, Shubhangi
Jan-2007Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 5-amino-2,7- diaryl-6-cyano- 3-isonicotinamido thiazolo [4,5-b]-2,3,4,7- tetrahydropyridines, 2,7-diaryl-6-cyano-3- isonicotinamido thiazolo [4,5-b]-2,3,4,5,6,7- hexahydropyrid-5-ones, 2,7-diaryl-5-amino-3- isonicotinamido thiazolo [4,5-d][1,3-]thiazines and 2,6-diaryl-3- isonicotinamido thiazolo[4,5-c] pyrazolinesKhan, Mukhtar Hussain
Jan-2007Polymorphism in hydrazonium salt of 3,5-pyrazoledicarboxylic acidKumar, V S Senthil; Premkumar, T; Rath, Nigam P
Jan-2007Synthesis of some pyrazino, pyrimido and mercaptopyrimido annelated carbazoles using 2-hydroxymethylene-1- oxo-1,2,3,4- tetrahydrocarbazolesSangeetha, V; Prasad, K J Rajendra
Jan-2007Synthesis of amide derivatives of quinolone and their antimicrobial studiesPatel, N B; Patel, A L; Chauhan, H I
Jan-2007Synthesis of substituted and unsubstituted 5-(1,3-diaryl-1-oxopropyl)pyrimidineAhmed, M Giasuddin; Ahmed, Syeda Asghari; Ahmed, S Mosaddeq; Sultana, Tazin; Uddin, Md Khabir
Jan-2007Synthesis and bronchodilatory activity of new 4-aryl-3,5-bis(2-chlorophenyl)- carbamoyl-2,6-dimethyl-1,4- dihydropyridines & their 1-substituted analoguesSuresh, T; Swamy, S K; Reddy, V M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20