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An equation for estimating coal conversions using super critical solventstKumari, B Krishna; Sivaji, K; Venugopal, DIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]251-253
Electrochemical behaviour of sulphite and hydrazine on the corrosion of low carbon steel in acid mediumGemma, G K; Issa, R M; EI-Baradie, H Y; Shokry, H EIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]221-224
Mercury in Indian coalsGhosh, S B; Das, M C; Ghosh, B; Roy, R R P; Banerjee, N NIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]237-240
Corrosion of mild steel in hypochlorite solution - An electrochemical and weight-loss studyGaur, B; Singh, A K; Rao, N JIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]225-229
An improved synthesis of naftifine using phase transfer catalysisSanghavi, N M; Samarth, M MIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]245-247
An experimental study for predicting circulation rates in a reboiler tubeKamil, Mohd; Alam, S S; Alia, HIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]214-220
Dielectric studies on binary mixtures of methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) in non-polar solventsDas, J K; Dash, S K; Chakravortty, V; Swain, B BIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]230-232
Optimum synthesis of (chloromethyl) silanes by chlorination and methylation reactions of chloro (methyl) silanesSaxena, A K; Sachar, S C; Maya; Nasim, MIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]241-244
Potential of aquatic weed Salvinia molesta (Mitchell) for water treatment and energy recoveryAbbasi, S A; Nipaney, P CIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]204-213
Preconcentration by coflotation for the polarographic determination of traces of heavy metals in waterBasu, Bharathibai J; Padma, D K; Rajagopalan, S RIJCT Vol.01(4) [July 1994]248-250