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Study of the oceanic salt system Na+, K+, Mg2+ /CI-, SO-H2O at 35°C and 100°C-Their application for isothermal evaporation Susarla, V R K SIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]197-198
Electrodeposition of dysprosium from non-aqueous bathKumbhar, P P; Lokhande, C DIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]194-196
Determination or B and Cd in MgF2 by DC arc optical emission spectrometry with on-line background correction approachBiswas, S S; Dixit, V S; Murty, P SIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]191-193
Wear and friction studies of some substituted benzothiazolyl thiocarbamides as potential EP additivesBhattacharya, A; Singh, A P; Singh, R; Verma, V KIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]184-190
Eutectic solidification in phenanthrene-biphenyl systemBassi, P S; Khurma, J R; Sharma, R PIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]179-183
Studies on plating, physical properties and structure of nickel electrodeposited from sulphamate/dimethyl sulphoxideSingh, V B; Sarabi, R SadeghiIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]175-178
Influence of anions on the performance of anisidines as inhibitors for the corrosion of mild steel in acidic solutionsRengamani, S; Muralidharan, S; Ganesan, M; Iyer, S VenkatakrishnaIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]168-174
Treatment of uranium contaminated waste by complexation and ultrafiltrationBabu, C Anand; Ayengar, Bharathan; Ananth, M S; Rakshit, S K; Amalraj, R VIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]165-167
Preparation and characterization of alumina membranes by anodic oxidation of aluminiumSeshadri, K S; Sinha, P K; Babu, C Anand; Varatharajan, K; Srinivasan, M P; Lal, K B; Amalraj, R V; Panicker, P K; Krishnasamy, VIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]161-164
Integral swelling free energies of alkaline earth ionic forms of perfluorosulphonate exchanger membranes (Nafion-117) and Dowex 50WX8 cationites in aqueous mediumIyer, Sita T; Nandan, Deoki; Iyer, R MIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]158-160
Improved cellulose acetate membranes from indigenous sourcesDey, T K; Misra, B M; Ramani, M P SIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]153-157
A generalized model for permeation of multicomponent gas mixtures through polymeric membranesRao, K Kameswara; Sarma, K A; Srinivas, V; Khan, A AIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]146-152
Molecular transport of alcohols through engineering polymer membranesAminabhavi, Tejraj M; Khinnavar, Rajashekhar SIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]139-145
Modelling and simulation of membrane separation system for purge gasGupta, S K; Sinha, S N; Agarwal, A KIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]135-138
Heavy metal removal using liquid membraneKumar, S Vijaya; Ravindram, M; Chanda, Manas; Mudakavi, J RIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]131-134
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15