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Distribution of axial void age in the riser of a circulating fluidised bedMandal, S; Acharjee, D K; Gupta, P SenIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]1-5
Robust control of a pH processMalleswararao, Y S N; Chidambaram, MIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]6-10
Periodic operation of transport reactors for catalytic reactionsMidha, Vikas; Chidambaram, MIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]11-17
Separation of caesium-137 from acidic fission products waste solutions on zirconium molybdo antimoniteSatayanarayana, J; Reddy, V N; Murty, G S; Dash, AIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]18-20
Study of dithiocarbamates compounds in corrosion inhibition of aluminium in 1 M NaCl polarization resistanceAbdulhay, Malik A; AI-Suhybani, Abdulaziz AIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]25-31
Inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in aqueous solution of mixture of aggressive ions by chromatePrasad, D; Sanyal, SIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]51-52
Di(2-methyl- 5-chlorophenyl) dithiophosphinate and its copper(II) derivative as antioxidant lubricating oil additiveGogoi, Pradip K; Phukan, Deba P; Sharma, NeeiotpalIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]46-48
Solute-solvent interactions of some tetra-alkylammonium salts in 2-methoxyethanolDas, BijanIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]40-42
Influence of some metal ions on dissolution behaviour of aluminium-iron alloy in orthophosphoric acidDubey, R S; Upadhyay, S N; Chaudhary, R SIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]32-36
Electrical conductivity of Chloramine-B in water, acetonitrile, methanol and ethanol between 283-313 KBhat, J Ishwara; Susha, C BIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]43-45