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Title: Safety evaluation of polyelectrolytes used in water treatment using Rat Model
Authors: Shukla, Uttam Kumar
Shukla, Kartikeya
Sharma, Vinod Pravin
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Water has become a limited resource in the modem scenario. The scarcity of potable water is not limited to India but it is an increasing problem throughout the globe. Adequate and appropriate management of water is essential. It is said that if there would be·the 3rd World War then it would be for water and not anything else. In view of acute shortage of potable water there is vital need to conserve water and use it appropriately. Polyelectrolytes are boon for treatment of domestic and industrial effluents. Polyelectrolytes are generally synthetic chemicals and may be ionic or non-ionic. Polyelectrolyte has a wide range of molecular weight and charge density. Beside use in water treatment, polyelectrolyte is also used in oil recovery, color removal, paper industry, mining etc. There are many institutes engaged in the manufacture of polyelectrolyte. Sometime the chemical present in polyelectrolyte may adversely affect public health, thus it is important to assess its toxicity and suitability at intended usage dose prior to its application in water treatment. Many regulatory agencies are engaged in safety evaluation, framing or updating of guidelines periodically and specified use of polyelectrolyte as per IS 15573:2005 and OECD etc. The facility for safety evaluation exists at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Sriram Institute for Industrial Research and several other organizations of repute.
Page(s): 89-93
ISSN: 0771-7706
Appears in Collections:BVAAP Vol.16(2) [December 2008]

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