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Title: Charcterization and screening of beneficial bacteria obtained on King’s B agar from tea rhizosphere
Authors: Mazumdar, Tanushree
Goswami, C
Talukdar, N C
Keywords: Bacillus;IAA;P solubilization;Pseudomonas;siderophore;tea growth promotion
Issue Date: 11-Feb-2009
IPC Code: Int. Cl.⁸ C12N15/10
Abstract: Nine fluorescent Pseudomonas isolates obtained on King’s B agar from rhizosphere of tea plants were studied along with a reference strain P. fluorescens MTCC-103 for their biochemical and functional characteristics. They were also tested for their ability to promote growth of tea seedlings. Intrinsic antibiotic resistance profile (IARP) and SDS-PAGE banding pattern indicated that the isolates were distinct from each other and these two properties could be used as marker for their identification. The isolates produced IAA-like substances, siderophores and soluble P in the range of 8.7-32.1, 13.6-196.3 and 1.4-15.7 µg/mL culture filtrate, respectively. Four isolates were able to utilize cellulose as C-source and another four were capable of inhibiting growth of the saprophytic Rhizoctonia solani in laboratory bioassay. The isolates Psd 11, Psd 12 and Psd 13 were found to enhance total shoot and root biomass of 1-year-old tea seedlings, grown in a fertilizer unamended soil, to significantly greater magnitude. Psd 11 and Psd 13 were identified as two different strains of Bacillus circulans. The growth parameters of tea seedlings in fertilizer P added pot was statistically at par with those of superior strain inoculated seedlings. There was no statistically significant relationship between in vitro determined functional properties observed and the growth promotion ability of the isolates. Although, the three superior isolates were found to produce higher level of soluble P and exhibited maximum in vitro biocontrol activity against R. solani.
Page(s): 490-494
ISSN: 0972-5849
Appears in Collections:IJBT Vol.06(4) [October 2007]

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