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Title: Spectral and thermal analysis of Sm³⁺ and Dy³⁺: B₂O₃-BaO-LiF/AlF₃ glasses
Authors: Rudramadevi, B H
Buddhudu, S
Keywords: RE³⁺ glasses;Spectral analysis;Thermal analysis
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Optical and thermal properties of Sm³⁺ and Dy³⁺: B₂O₃-BaO-LiF/AlF₃ glasses have been studied. These optical materials have been characterized from the measurement of their XRD, FTIR, absorption, excitation, emission spectra and DTA-TG profiles. From the recorded photoluminescence spectra of samarium (Sm³⁺) glasses, four emission transitions; ⁴G₅/₂ → ⁶H₅/₂ (565 nm), ⁴G₅/₂ → ⁶H₇/2 (601 nm), ⁴G₅/₂ → ⁶H₉/₂ (648 nm) and ⁴G₅/₂ → 6H₁₁/2 (710 nm) with λexci = 401 nm (⁶H₅/₂ → ⁴F₇/₂) have been observed. In the case of dysprosium (Dy³⁺) glasses, three emission transitions; ⁴F₉/₂ → ⁶H₁₅/₂ (485 nm), ⁴F₉/₂ → ⁶H₁₃/₂ (578 nm) and ⁴F₉/₂ → ⁶H₁₁/₂ (667 nm) with lexci = 448 nm (⁶H₁₅/₂ → ⁴I₁₅/₂) have been observed. For the prominent emissions only, the decay curves have been recorded in order to evaluate their lifetimes. The materials nature, structural trends and thermal properties have also been analyzed through the measurement of their XRD, FTIR and TG-DTA profiles.
Page(s): 825-832
ISSN: 0019-5596
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.46(12) [December 2008]

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