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Reproductive biology of the common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis Linnaeus, 1758) in Iskenderun Bay (Northeastern Mediterranean Sea)DUYSAK, Önder; ÖZCAN, Gülnaz; ÇEK, Şehriban; TÜRELİ, CananIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1689-1694
Role of microbial aggregation in biofilm formation by bacterial strains isolated from offshore finfish culture environmentSaravanan, N.; Verma, Pankaj; Mol, V. P. Limna; Kumar, R. Sendhil; Somasundaram, S. T.; Dharani, G.; Kirubagaran, R.IJMS Vol.43(11) [November 2014]2118-2129
Bleaching and secondary threats on the corals of Palk Bay: A survey and Proactive conservation needsRavindran, J; Kannapiran, E.; Manikandan, B.; Mani Murali, R.; Joseph, AnthonyIJMS Vol.41(1) [February 2012]19-26
Evaluating longshore sediment transport rates by integration of beach evolution model and GIS approachXing, Li; Yun-xuan, Zhou; Lian-peng, Zhang; Run-yuan, KuangIJMS Vol.41(1) [February 2012]12-18
Marine natural products: A lead for Anti-cancerSarfaraj, Hussain Md.; Sheeba, Fareed; Saba, Ansari; Khan, Mohd. SajidIJMS Vol.41(1) [February 2012]27-39
Status of the seawater quality at few industrially important coasts of Gujarat (India) off Arabian SeaBhadja, Poonam; Kundu, RahulIJMS Vol.41(1) [February 2012]90-97
Effect of dietary carotenoids on lipoperoxidation in mature sea urchins Loxechinus albus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)Pérez, Analía F.; Lattuca, María Eugenia; Fraysse, Cyntia; Malanga, GabrielaIJMS Vol.44(03) [March 2015]354-363
Terapon theraps chorus observed in shallow water environment in the southeastern Arabian Sea Mahanty, M.M.; Kannan, R.; Harikrishanan, C.; Latha, G.IJMS Vol.44(02) [February 2015]150-155
Assessment of heavy metals by ligand-less cloud point extraction in sediment and Holothuria parva (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea) Givianrad, Mohammad-Hadi; Larijani, Kambiz; Jamili, Shahla; Adeli, BehjatIJMS Vol.43(5) [May 2014]825-830
A comparative study of atomic absorption spectrophotometry and anodic stripping voltammetry for the determination of trace metals Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu in coastal waters of Visakhapatnam, east coast of IndiaMurty, P V S Prabhakara; Satyanarayana, DIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]365-369