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Studies on Detritus in a Tropical EstuaryKumari, L. Krishna; Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Wafar, M. V. M.; Royan, J. P.; Rajendran, A.IJMS Vol.07(2) [June 1978]263-266
Food conversion efficiency in the shrimp Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius) fed on different foodsRoyan, Joseph P.; Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Wafar, M. V. M.IJMS Vol.06(1) [June 1977]100-102
Energy values of suspended detritus in Andaman SeaKumari, L Krishna; Royan, J P; Sumitra-VijayaraghavanIJMS Vol.18(4) [December 1989]282-283
Seasonal Variations in Biochemical Composition of Some Seaweeds from Goa CoastSumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Rajagopal, M D; Wafar, M V MIJMS Vol.09(1) [March 1980]61-63
Contribution of extracellular production by nannoplankton to 14CO2 fixation in a tropical estuaryPant, A.; Balasubramanianm, T.; Rajagopal, M. D.; Wafar, M. V. M.; Sumitra-VijayaraghavanIJMS Vol.06(2) [December 1977]147-150
Effects of different feeding levels on moulting, growth, food conversion efficiency and biochemical composition of the prawn, Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius)Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Royan, J P; Rao, T S SIJMS Vol.11(4) [December 1982]347-349
Growth and food conversion efficiency in the fish Etroplus suratensis in relation to different feeding levelsSumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Royan, J P; Rao, T S SIJMS Vol.11(4) [December 1982]350-352
Seasonal changes in the nutritive value of the green mussel, Mytilus viridis LinneWafar, M.V.M.; Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Krishnakumari, L.IJMS Vol.05(2) [December 1976]252-254
Use of slaughter house waste as a feed for Shrimps & PrawnsSumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Royan, Joseph P; Kumari, L KrishnaIJMS Vol.10(4) [December 1981]390-392
Energy pathways in the Laccadive Sea (Lakshadweep)Qasim, S Z; Wafar, M V M; Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan; Royan, Joseph P; Kumari, L KrishnaIJMS Vol.08(4) [December 1979]242-246