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Seasonal distribution of inorganic phosphate solubilising bacteria and phosphatase producing bacteria in Porto Novo watersTeswaran, K Venka; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.12(4) [December 1983]213-217
Reproduction in the edible ribbed clam Anadara rhombea (Born) from the Backwaters of Porto NovoNatarajan, R; John, GeorgeIJMS Vol.12(2) [June 1983]90-95
Isolation and identification of luminous bacteria from Porto Novo estuarine environsNair, G Balakrish; Abraham, Martin; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.08(1) [March 1979]46-48
Laboratory Reared Larval Stages of the Portunid Crab Thalamita crenata Milne EdwardsThomas, Mercy; Khan, S Ajmal; Kannupandi, T; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.09(4) [December 1980]263-270
Larvae of the Land Crab Cardisoma carnifex (Herbst) (Brachyura: Gecarcinidae) Reared in the LaboratoryKannupandi, T; Khan, S Ajmal; Thomas, Mercy; Sundaramoorthy, S; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.09(4) [December 1980]271-277
Effect of salinity on the development of larvae and juvenile instars of Neoepisesarma (Neoepisesarma) mederi (H. Milne Edwards)Selvakumar, S; Ajmalkhan, S; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]243-245
Distribution of Agarolytic Bacteria in Porto Novo Coastal WatersNatarajan, R; Venkateswaran, KIJMS Vol.09(3) [September 1980]216-218
Seasonal distribution of arylsulfatase in the marine environment at Porto Novo, East Coast of IndiaDhevendaran, K; Chandramohan, D; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.14(4) [December 1985]192-195
Functional Morphology of Mouth parts feeding behaviour in the estuarine hermit Crab Clibarnarius longitarsus (De Haan)Khan, S Ajmal; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.10(4) [December 1981]357-362
Distribution of Hermit Crabs in Vellar EstuaryKhan, S Ajmal; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.10(4) [December 1981]353-356