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Development of bio-physical model for the estimation of zooplankton biomass production in the Arabian Sea using remotely sensed oceanographic variablesSolanki, H.U.; Chauhan, Rajeshwary; George, L.B.; Dwivedi, R.M.IJMS Vol.44(03) [March 2015]348-353
Evaluation of seagrasses for their nutritional valuePradheeba, M.; Dilipan, E.; Nobi, E.P.; Thangaradjou, T.; Sivakumar, K.IJMS Vol.40(1) [February 2011]105-111
Seasonal cycle of physical forcing and biological response in the Bay of BengalKumar, S Prasanna; Nuncio, M; Narvekar, Jayu; Ramaiah, N; Sardesai, S; Gauns, M; Fernandes, VIJMS Vol.39(3) [September 2010]388-405
Comparison of chlorophyll concentration in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea using IRS-P4 OCM and MODIS AquaSingh, Ramesh P.; Chaturvedi, PrashantIJMS Vol.39(3) [September 2010]334-340
Impact of cyclones on the Bay of Bengal chlorophyll variability using remote sensing satellitesSarangi, R.K.IJMS Vol.40(6) [December 2011]794-801
Study of ecological consequence of the bloom (Noctiluca miliaris) in off shore waters of the Northern Arabian SeaDwivedi, R.M.; Chauhan, Rajeshwary; Solanki, H.U.; Raman, MiniIJMS Vol.41(4) [August 2012]304-313
Monthly variability of chlorophyll and associated physical parameters in the southwest Bay of Bengal water using remote sensing dataSarangi, R.K.; Nayak, Shailesh; Panigrahy, R.C.IJMS Vol.37(3) [September 2008]256-266
Satellite-derived total and new phytoplankton production in the Gulf of MexicoHidalgo-González, Raquel M.; Alvarez-Borrego, Saúl; Fuentes-Yaco, César; Platt, TrevorIJMS Vol.34(4) [December 2005]408-417
Exploration of fishery resources through integration of ocean colour with sea surface temperature: Indian experienceDwivedi, R.M.; Solanki, H.U.; Nayak, S.R.; Gulati, D.; Somvanshi, V.S.IJMS Vol.34(4) [December 2005]430-440
Detection of Trichodesmium bloom patches along the eastern Arabian Sea by IRS-P4/OCM ocean color sensor and by in-situ measurementsDesa, Elgar; Suresh, T.; Matondkar, S.G.P.; Desa, Ehrlich; Goes, J.; Mascarenhas, A.; Parab, S.G.; Shaikh, N.; Fernandes, C.E.G.IJMS Vol.34(4) [December 2005]374-386