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Studies on biochemical and biological properties of turrids venom (Turricula javana and Lophiotoma indica)Arumugam, M; Giji, S; Tamilmozhi, S; Kumar, Sunil; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.42(6) [October 2013]800-806
Heavy metal distribution in Pondicherry harbour, southeast coast of IndiaSenthilnathan, S; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]380-382
Purification and characterization of Inulinase from marine bacterium, Bacillus cereus MU-31Meenakshi, S; Umayaparvathi, S; Manivasagan, P; Arumugam, M; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.42(4) [August 2013]510-515
Studies on captive breeding and larval rearing of clown fish [a1], Amphiprion sebae (Bleeker, 1853) using estuarine waterKumar, T T Ajith; Setu, Subodh Kant; Murugesan, P; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.39(1) [March 2010]114-119
Antimicrobial activities of the lichen Roccella belangeriana (Awasthi) from mangroves of Gulf of MannarDevi, G Karthikai; Anantharaman, P; Kathiresan, K; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.40(3) [June 2011]449-453
Isolation of aliphatic-antibiotic compounds from marine invertebrate, Heteractis magnifica ʽQuoy & Gaimard, 1833ʼ against captive marine ornamental fish pathogens Gunasundari, V; Kumar, T T Ajith; Kumaresan, S; Balagurunathan, R; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.42(6) [October 2013]807-811
GIS based spatial distribution of environmental parameters at selected locations along the coastline of the countryRajakumari, S; Subramanian, B R; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.39(4) [December 2010]541-548
Effect of Excoecaria agallocha leaves against Aeromonas hydrophila in marine ornamental fish, Amphiprion sebaeDhayanithi, N B; Ajith Kumar, T T; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.41(1) [February 2012]76-82
Environmental Conditions of Some Paddy-cum-Prawn Culture Fields of Cochin Backwaters, Southwest Coast of IndiaNair, K K C; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Gopalakrishnan, T C; Balasubramanian, T; Devi, C B Lalithambika; Aravindakshan, P N; Kutty, M KrishnanIJMS Vol.17(1) [March 1988]24-30
Planktonic foraminifera in waters off the Coromandel coast, Bay of BengalRao, K Kameswara; Jayalakshmy, K V; Kumaran, S; Balasubramanian, T; Kutty, M KrishnanIJMS Vol.18(1) [March 1989]1-7