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Population characteristics and level of exploitation of Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792) in Rudrasagar Lake, a Ramsar site in North-eastern IndiaMaurya, Ashish Kumar; Radhakrishnan, K.V.; Kumar, RaviIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]298-302
An assessment of overexploitation risk faced by cephalopod fisheries in China: A non-equilibrium surplus production model approachMohsin, Muhammad; Hengbin, Yin; Zhuo, Chen; Mehak, AnaIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]318-325
Analysis of physico-chemical characteristics of seawater in Andaman and Nicobar Islands using multivariate statistical analysisMurugan, Rajaram; Ananthan, Gnanakkan; Sathishkumar, Rengasamy Subramaniyan; Balachandar, KumarIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]271-280
Spatial and Temporal Variation of Soil Salinity During Dry and Wet Seasons in the Southern Coastal Area of Laizhou Bay, ChinaWenquan, Liu; Fang, Lu; Xingyong, Xu; Guangquan, Chen; Tengfei, Fu; Qiao, SuIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]260-270
Time course nutrient uptake study of some intertidal rocky shore macroalgae and the limiting effect due to synergistic interactionImchen, Temjensangba; Ezaz, WasimIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]287-292
Is the operational dynamics of artisanal fishing fleet dawdling? A comprehensive study of palk bay, IndiaInfantina, J. Amali; Jayaraman, R.IJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]311-317
Maintenance mechanism of Enteromorpha prolifera green tide: From perspective of nutrients utilizationChai, Yanchao; Wang, Haiqing; Ge, ChangziIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]293-297
Distribution Characteristics of Geo-hazards in a Reservoir Area, South Gansu Province, ChinaDing, Wenguang; Tang, Jiakai; Tian, Xinran; Liu, Xingde; Li, DanLu; Geng, YiyingIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]233-240
Geochemical characteristics of biogenic barium in sediments of the Antarctica Ross Sea and their indication for paleoproductivityHuo, Suxia; Xiu, Chun; Zhang, Xu; Du, Ming; Zhou, Mengjia; Xing, CongcongIJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]241-248
Monitoring shoreline changes along Andhra coast of India using remote sensing and geographic information systemTyagi, Sindhu; Rai, S. C.IJMS Vol.49(02) [February 2020]218-224