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Role of Canister Integrity on Ocean Bed Disposal of Solid Radioactive Wastes: Part 1 - Parent RadionuclidesSarma, T P; Krishnamoorthy, T M; Nair, R NIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]291-301
Role of Canister Integrity on Ocean Bed Disposal of Solid Radioactive Wastes: Part 2 - Daughter RadionuclidesKrishnamoorthy, T M; Nair, R N; Sarma, T PIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]302-312
Importance of Test Coupons in the Assessment of Marine Biofouling Community Development in Coastal Waters of Bombay, IndiaKarande, A A; Swami, B SIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]317-321
Organic Constituents of Harbour and Coastal Sediments of Visakhapatnam, East Coast of IndiaSarma, N S; Rao, I NIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]287-290
Nursery Life of the Marine Prawn, Metapenaeus dobsoni (Miers) in the Mandovi Estuary, along Goa Coast, IndiaAchuthankutty, C TIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]313-316
Physiological Response of Diatom Nitzschia palea (Kutz) W. Sm. to Sub-Lethal Levels of CopperSathya, K S; Balakrishnan, K PIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]322-325
Morphology and Petrography of Pumice from the Central Indian Ocean BasinIyer, S D; Karisiddaiah, S MIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]333-334
Mangrove Populations of the Godavari Delta ComplexRao, M Umamaheswara; Rao, G M NarasimhaIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]326-329
Wave Power Potential of Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar IslandsBaba, MIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]330-332
Atypical behaviour of dissolved silicate in the Cochin Backwaters and Periyar RiverSankaranarayanan, V N; Joseph, T; Jayalakshmy, K V; Balachandran, K KIJMS Vol.13(2) [June 1984]60-63