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Special Issue on Advances in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Guest Editors: Dr Neelu Nawani, Prof Ashok Pandey, Prof Samir Khanal & Dr Parmeswaran Binod

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Potential of Microbispora sp. V2 as biocontrol agent against Sclerotium rolfsii, the causative agent of southern blight of Zea mays L (Baby corn)–in vitro studies Patil, N N; Waghmode, M S; Gaikwad, P S; Gajbhiye, M H; Gunjal, A B; Nawani, N N; Kapadnis, B PIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1147-1151
Anti-fungal potentials of extracellular metabolites of Western Ghats isolated Streptomyces sp. NII 1006 against moulds and yeastsJayamurthy, Himani; Sajna, Kuttavan Valappil; Dastagar, Syed G; Pandey, AshokIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1138-1146
Mannitol-induced drought stress on calli of Trigonella foenum-graecum L. Var. RMt-303.Pant, Naveen C; Agarrwal, Ruchi; Agrawal, SanjeevIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1128-1137
In vitro callus induction and estimation of plumbagin content from Plumbago auriculata Lam.Deshpande, Jyoti; Labade, Dinesh; Shankar, Kalaiselvi; Kata, Navin; Chaudhari, Manoj; Wani, Minal; Khetmalas, MadhukarIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1122-1127
In vitro regeneration and ploidy level analysis of Eulophia ochreata LindlShriram, Varsha; Nanekar, Vikas; Kumar, Vinay; Kishor, P B KaviIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1112-1121
Development of bioprocess for the production of laccase by Pleurotus ostreatus MTCC 1802 using evolutionary optimization techniqueKumari, Jayanti; Negi, SangeetaIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1106-1111
Modulation of small intestinal homeostasis along with its microflora during acclimatization at simulated hypobaric hypoxiaAdak, Atanu; Ghosh, Kuntal; Mondal, Keshab ChandraIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1098-1105
Assessment of phagosomes infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a vaccine candidate against tuberculosis Sharma, Anjana; Parihar, Pankaj; Sharma, JuhiIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1090-1097
Dilute acid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of sorghum biomass for sugar recovery—A statistical approachAkanksha, Karthik; Prasad, Arjun; Sukumaran, Rajeev K; Nampoothiri, Madhavan K; Pandey, Ashok; Rao, S S; Binod, ParameswaranIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1082-1089
Development of bioconjugate from Streptomyces tyrosinase and gold nanoparticles for rapid detection of phenol constituentsZainab, Mazhari Bi Bi; Madhusudhan, D N; Raghavendra, H; Dastager, Syed G; Dayanand, AgsarIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1071-1081
Synthesis, DNA cleavage and antimicrobial activity of 4-thiazolidinones-benzothiazole conjugatesSingh, Meenakshi; Gangwar, Mayank; Nath, Gopal; Singh, Sushil KIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1062-1070
Differential toxicological endpoints of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) exposure in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cell lines: Possible estrogen receptor α (ERα) independent modulationsDas, Mihir Tanay; Singh, Manoj Kumar; Thakur, Indu ShekharIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1052-1061
Kinetic constraints and features imposed by the immobilization of enzymes onto solid matrices: A key to advanced biotransformationFoukis, A; Stergiou, P-Y; Filippou, M; Koukouritaki, M; Parapouli, M; Theodorou, L G; Hatziloukas, E; Afendra, A; Pandey, A; Papamichael, E MIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1045-1051
Purified dextransucrase from Pediococcus pentosaceus CRAG3 as food additiveShukla, Rishikesh; Goyal, ArunIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1036-1044
Production, purification and properties of fungal chitinases—A reviewKarthik, Narayanan; Akanksha, Karthik; Binod, Parameswaran; Pandey, AshokIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1025-1035
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15