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Title: Regeneration of Biophytum sensitivum (Linn.) DC. through organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis
Authors: Shivanna, M B
Vasanthakumari, M M
Mangala, M C
Keywords: Biophytum sensitivum;in vitro regeneration;Organogenesis;Somatic embryogenesis
Issue Date: Jan-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: A protocol was established to regenerate Biophytum sensitivum (L.) DC. through indirect and direct organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis. In the present study, MS medium supplemented with 2,4-D or NAA in combination with BAP induced callusing in stem, inflorescence tip and flower bud explants. MS amended with BAP caused callusing in stem and flower bud explants but failed to cause callusing in inflorescence tip explants. Calli obtained on 2, 4-D or BAP amended media produced multiple shoots upon subculturing on BAP (1.0 mg L⁻¹). When a combination of NAA (0.5 mg L⁻¹) + BAP (2.0 mg L⁻¹) was used calli obtained from stem, inflorescence tip and flower bud explants produced multiple shoots. In case of direct organogenesis, only inflorescence tip explants produced multiple shoots on MS medium supplemented with BAP. BAP at 3.0 mg L⁻¹ induced maximum (50%) response. Regenerated shoots rooted on half strength MS medium supplemented with NAA 0.5 mg l⁻¹. MS medium supplemented with 2, 4-D (2.5 mg l⁻¹) induced embryogenic response in calli from inflorescence explants. Embryogenic calli produced embryoids upon transfer to MS medium supplemented with NAA (1.0 mg L⁻¹) + BAP (3.0 mg L⁻¹). Embryoids were germinated on half strength MS medium. Eighty per cent of the rooted plantlets and 90% of somatic embryo derived plantlets survived on soil medium.
Page(s): 127-131
ISSN: 0972-5849
Appears in Collections: IJBT Vol.08(1) [January 2009]

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