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Title: Genotype analysis and assessment of antigenic sensitivity for recombinant HCV proteins by indigenous SIBA for detection of Hepatitis C Virus infection: A comparison with 3rd EIA and RT-PCR
Authors: Ponamgi, S P D
Chandra, M
Kumar, Y Naresh
Rahamathulla, S
Narasu, Lakshmi
Habibullah, C M
Khaja, M N
Keywords: Genotyping;RT-PCR;HCV blot;3rd generation ELISA
Issue Date: Jan-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: The first serological testing for the detection of anti-HCV antibodies using recombinant antigens was introduced in 1991. Since then many developments have taken place and at present third generation ELISA kits are being used most widely and globally. Detection of anti-HCV does not distinguish past from present infections and in diagnostic virology particularly ELISA’s, a positive HCV test result may be non-specific and therefore has to be crosschecked by another test of different principle for which Immunoblots were initially developed. Patients with liver disease attending the inpatient and outpatient wards of the CLRD (Center for Liver Research and Diagnostics) between Aug 2004 and Feb 2007 were screened for HCV by using 3rd generation ELISA, HCV blot, and RT-PCR. Genotyping was done for all the positive samples. Out of 531 samples tested, 211 samples showed identical results as reactive by ELISA, HCV blot and RT-PCR. Out of the 214 genotype samples, genotype 1a was found to be prevalent by 52.33% (n=112), followed by others. RNA based detection by RT-PCR remains the reliable method of HCV diagnosis, however, where there are no facilities for the PCR to be performed particularly in the small to medium laboratory and diagnostic centers, HCV blot could be done as a supplemental assay.
Page(s): 33-39
ISSN: 0972-5849
Appears in Collections: IJBT Vol.08(1) [January 2009]

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