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Erosive wear analysis of normalised and thermally aged 2.25Cr-1Mo steel using Taguchi experimental designPattnaik, Amulya BihariIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]379-386
Comparison of hot and cold stamping simulation of Usibor 1500 prototype modelGüler, Hande; Özcan, ReşatIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]387-396
Continuous carbon nanotube-polycarbonate composite fibers through melt spinningDas, Soma; Saha, Mitali; Sarkar, SabyasachiIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]477-481
Experimental analysis and mathematical modeling of optimized cutting parameters in microturningSelvakumar, S; Ravikumar, RIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]397-408
A comparative study on engine performance and emissions of biodiesel and JP-8 aviation fuel in a direct injection diesel engineYamik, Hasan; Solmaz, Hamit; İçingür, YakupIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]438-444
Development of sustainable construction material using construction and demolition wasteDakwale, V A; Ralegaonkar, R VIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]451-457
Investigation of complex modulus of asphalt mastic by artificial neural networksYan, Kezhen; You, LingyunIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]445-450
Prediction of Af temperature for copper based shape memory alloysAldas, Kemal; Eskil, Murat; Özkul, İskenderIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]429-437
Thermodynamics of the production of condensed phases in the CVD process of BxC with BCl3-C3H6 (propylene)-H2 precursorsDeng, Juanli; Xie, Zan; Cheng, Laifei; Su, Kehe; Zhang, LitongIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]465-472
Fully differential first-order allpass filters using a DDCCHorng, Jiun-Wei; Wu, Chang-Ming; Herencsar, NorbertIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]345-350