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Design and VLSI architecture of non-polynomial based low probability of error (Pb) Viterbi decoderArun, C; Rajamani, VJSIR Vol.68(1) [February 2009]97-106
Numerical investigation for solidification around various cylinder geometriesBuyruk, Ertan; Fertelli, Ahmet; Sonmez, NesrinJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]122-129
Ultrasound assisted adsorption of basic dye onto organically modified bentonite (nanoclay)Sonawane, Shirish; Chaudhari, Prashant; Ghodke, Shailesh; Phadtare, Sachin; Meshram, SatishJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]162-167
Energy-related applications of carbon materials-a reviewSrivastava, Manoj; Kumar, Manoj; Singh, Ranvir; Agrawal, U C; Garg, M OIJEB Vol.47(1) [February 2009]93-96
Optimization of extrusion process for production of expanded product from green gram and rice by response surface methodologyChakraborty, Pratap; Banerjee, SoumitraJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]140-148
Wireless information and safety system for minesBandyopadhyay, L K; Chaulya, S K; Mishra, P K; Choure, A; Baveja, B MIJEB Vol.47(1) [February 2009]107-117
Storage stability of mahua oil methyl esterBora, Dilip Kumar; Das, L M; Babu, M K GJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]149-152
Characterizing surface roughness by speckle pattern analysisNicklawy, M; Hassan, A F; Bahrawi, M; Farid, Niveen; Sanjid, Arif MJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]118-121
Activation of fluorogypsum for building materialsSingh, M; Garg, MJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]130-134
Biodegradation of Orange II dye by Phanerochaete chrysosporium in simulated wastewaterSharma, Praveen; Singh, Lakhvinder; Dilbaghi, NeerajJSIR Vol.68(2) [February 2009]157-161