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PCR-SCCP and sequence analysis of leptin gene reveals novel polymorphism in intron 1 and allele fixation in exon 2 of Indian buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)Dubey, P K; Singh, Sandeep; Yadav, N K; Kathiravan, P; Mishra, B P; Kataria, R SIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]47-51
DNA binding domain of retinoid receptor gene (RXR) from a field crab inhabiting the Indian peninsulaSarika, S N; Gopinathan, AnilkumarIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]52-56
Optimization of DNA isolation protocol of Aconitum balfourii Stapf.: A rare medicinal herb of Himalayan alpineSharma, Eti; Gaur, A KIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]62-66
Molecular characterization of γ-rays induced mutants in Jatropha curcas L. Dhillon, R S; Saharan, R P; Jattan, MIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]67-74
Evidence of cross reaction potential of recombinant leptospira LipL41 proteinMagudeswaran, S K; Parthiban, M; Saranya, R; Senthilkumar, S; Ravikumar, GIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]57-61
Assessment of chloroplast microsatellite from pine family (Pinaceae) by using bioinformatics toolsFiliz, Ertugrul; Koc, IbrahimIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]34-40
Azo-based food colours as cost-effective and safe tracking dyes for qualitative electrophoretic analysis of nucleic acids and proteinsRayu, Smriti; Sitaraman, RamakrishnanIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]136-139
Medium optimization for pullulanase production from Anoxybacillus species using experimental designKahar, Ummirul Mukminin; Salleh, Madihah Md.; Goh, Kian MauIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]89-97
Unique pattern information combinations for clonal discrimination in Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. using microsatellite markersShanmugapriya, A; Yasodha, RIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]75-80
Optimization of microwave pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of pith bagasse with Trichoderma cellulaseFarid, M A; El-Deen, A M Noor; Shata, H MIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]98-107