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Optimization of bio-polishing of polyester/cotton blended fabrics with cellulases prepared from Aspergillus nigerNoreen, Hafiza; Zia, Muhammad Anjum; Ali, Shaukat; Hussain, TanveerIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]108-113
Detection and analysis of genetic variations in species of Plumbago L. using RAPD markersGadge, Prashant J; Nathar, Varsha NIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]140-143
Efficiency of SSR, ISSR and RAPD markers in molecular characterization of mungbean and other Vigna speciesSingh, Akanksha; Dikshit, H K; Jain, Neelu; Singh, D; Yadav, R NIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]81-88
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation for development of transgenic tomato with ySAMdc geneSomayaji, Prarthana; Doddananjappa, Theertha Prasad; Byrappa, Shivanna ManchanahallyIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]19-25
Assessment of antibacterial and antifungal activities of silver nanoparticles obtained from the callus extracts (stem and leaf) of Tridax procumbens L.Bhati-Kushwaha, Himakshi; Malik, C PIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]114-120
Genetic diversity analysis and development of SCAR marker associated with stripe rust resistance in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em Thell)Kamaluddin; Khan, M A; Khan, M A; Alam, P; Ahmed, S; Abdin, M Z; Khan, M N; Bhatt, M AIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]9-18
Field Performance and genetic fidelity evaluation of micropropagated morinda citrifolia l.Sreeranjini, S; Siril, E AIJBT Vol.13(1) [January 2014]121-130
Screening of apple germplasm of Kashmir Himalayas for scab resistance genesKhajuria, Yash Paul; Kaul, Sanjana; Wafai, B A; Dhar, Manoj KIJBT Vol.13(4) [October 2014]448-454
Recombinant proteins expressed in lettuceDong, Hao; Zhao, Yijun; Wang, Yingli; Li, HongminIJBT Vol.13(4) [October 2014]427-436
Identification of simple sequence repeat markers tightly linked to lipoxygenase-2 gene in soybeanKumar, Vineet; Rani, Anita; Rawal, ReenaIJBT Vol.13(4) [October 2014]455-458