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Special Issue on Chronobiology (Time, Clocks and Calendars)
Guest Editor: Prof. Vinod Kumar

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Relationship of chronotype to sleep pattern in a cohort of college students during work days and vacation daysYadav, Arjita; Singh, SudhiIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]569-574
Short-duration judgment in young Indian subjects under 30 h constant wakefulnessPande, Babita; Parganiha, Arti; Patra, Pradeep Kumar; Pati, Atanu KumarIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]559-568
Effect of hospitalization on rest-activity rhythm and quality of life of cancer patientsParganiha, Arti; Taj, Saba; Chandel, Priyanka; Sultan, Armiya; Choudhary, VivekIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]549-558
Blood pressure variability and pedigree analysis of nocturnal SBP dipping in Kumbas from rural Chhattisgarh, IndiaSultana, Razia; Pati, Atanu KumarIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]542-548
Season-dependent effect of thermopulse on gonadal recrudescence in the female catfish, Clarias batrachusAcharia, Kaberi; Lal, Bechan; Singh, Thakur PIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]538-541
Aromatase activity in brain and ovary: Seasonal variations correlated with circannual gonadal cycle in the catfish, Heteropneustes fossilisAggarwal, Neerja; Goswami, Shashi Vadan; Khandelwal, Preeti; Sehgal, NeetaIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]527-537
Photoperiodic effects on activity behaviour in the spiny eel (Macrognathus pancalus)Zahid, Malik; Malik, Shalie; Rani, SangeetaIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]521-526
Daily behaviour can differ between colour morphs of the same species: A study on circadian activity behaviour of grey and pied zebra finchesMishra, Ila; Trivedi, Amit Kumar; Kumar, VinodIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]516-520
Effects of light intensity on circadian activity behaviour in the Indian weaverbird (Ploceus philippinus)Pandey, Rohit K; Bhardwaj, Sanjay KIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]510-515
Daily and seasonal activity patterns in blackheaded muniaGupta, Neelu JainIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]504-509
Participation of endogenous circadian rhythm in photoperiodic time measurement during ovarian responses of the subtropical tree sparrow, Passer montanusSingh, Namram Sushindrajit; Dixit, Anand ShankerIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]496-503
Internal coincidence of serotonergic and dopaminergic oscillations modulates photo sexual responses of Japanese quail, Coturnix coturnix japonicaYadav, Suneeta; Chaturvedi, Chandra MohiniIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]489-495
Binding pattern of 125Iodine thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine in skin and liver tissues of spotted munia, Lonchura punctulata: Co-relation to seasonal cycles of breeding and moltingThapliyal, Ashish; Chandola-Saklani, Asha; Bhatt, Dinesh; Anthwal, PrashantIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]478-488
Daily variation in melatonin level, antioxidant activity and general immune response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and lymphoid tissues of Indian goat Capra hircus during summer and winterSingh, Amaresh Kumar; Ghosh, Somenath; Basu, Priyoneel; Haldar, ChandanaIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]467-477
Slow and fast orthodromic and antidromic variants in acute 9-h jet-lagged pygmy field miceBasu, Priyoneel; Kumar, Dhanananajay; Singaravel, MuniyandiIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]460-466
Light wavelength dependent circadian and seasonal responses in blackheaded buntingMalik, Shalie; Yadav, Garima; Rani, Sangeeta; Kumar, VinodIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]448-459
Modulation of pineal activity during the 23rd sunspot cycle: Melatonin rise during the ascending phase of the cycle is accompanied by an increase of the sympathetic toneBartsch, Christian; Bartsch, Hella; Seebald, Eckhard; Küpper, Heinz; Mecke, DieterIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]438-447
Melatonin: An internal signal for daily and seasonal timingTrivedi, Amit Kumar; Kumar, VinodIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]425-437
Twenty-four-hour pattern in French firemen of lag time response to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and work-related injury#Touitou, Yvan; Reinberg, Alain; Smolensky, Michael H; Riedel, Marc; Mauvieux, Benoit; Brousse, Eric; Marlot, Michel; Berrez, StephaneIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]420-424
New methods to assess circadian clocks in humansNováková, Marta; Sumová, AlenaIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]404-412
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23