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Title: Greaseproof paper from Banana (Musa paradisica L.) pulp fibre
Authors: Goswami, T
Kalita, Dipul
Rao, P G
Keywords: Banana sheath;Hydration;Hemicellulose;Greaseproof paper;Musa paradisica
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Utilization of banana pulp fibre for producing greaseproof paper has been investigated. The morphological characteristics of plant and fibre, chemical constituents of the sheath, characteristics of pulp and physical strength properties of hand sheet of 45±5 gsm made from banana pulp alone or in combination with bamboo pulp fibre are presented. Results of the laboratory investigation show that Musa paradisica contain high quantity of gums and mucilage inside the sheaths. The pentosan content (13.5%) may also impart the greaseproof properties. The drainage time of the banana pulp increases with the increase of beating time. At 80⁰SR freeness, the pulp becomes hydrated and forms a jelly like stock. The paper made out of this hydrated pulp stock shows the characteristics of greaseproof paper with burst index 6.10 kpa m²g⁻¹, tear index 7.00 mNm²g⁻¹ and tensile index 51.2 N mg⁻¹ with very good blister and oil resistibility. The physical strength properties of the paper may further be enhanced by incorporating 20% bamboo pulp beaten up to 850SR freeness and mixed with banana semi bleached pulp stock beaten up to 850SR freeness.
Page(s): 457-461
ISSN: 0971–457X
Appears in Collections:IJCT Vol.15(5) [September 2008]

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