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Title: Recovery of chromium(VI) from electroplating effluent by solvent extraction with tri-n-butyl phosphate
Authors: Sahu, S K
Verma, Vijay K
Bagchi, D
Kumar, Vinay
Pandey, B D
Keywords: Chromium(VI);Electroplating effluent;Solvent extraction;TBP
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Recovery of hexavalent chromium from a model and real electroplating effluent by solvent extraction with tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) was studied. In different acid media chromium(VI) extraction with TBP followed the order HCl > H₂SO₄ ~ HNO₃. In acidic chloride medium chromium(VI) was extracted as HCrO₃Cl.2TBP. The loading capacity of TBP for chromium(VI) was found to be 5.35 g/L. Stripping of chromium(VI) from loaded TBP was also studied. With 0.1 N NaOH solution chromium(VI) was stripped quantitatively from loaded organic. TBP was also used to recover chromium(VI) and zinc from electroplating effluent collected from an electroplating industry. By simultaneous extraction with TBP, and stripping with 10% H₂SO₄ and 1 N NaOH zinc and chromium(VI) were recovered, quantitatively.
Page(s): 397-402
ISSN: 0971–457X
Appears in Collections:IJCT Vol.15(4) [July 2008]

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