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A novel multiple access scheme for mobile communications systemsSingh, Poonam; Kumar, R V Raja; Lamba, T SIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]430-435
Search for radio signal associated with UHE cosmic ray air showers in VLF rangeSaikia, N M; Tiru, B; Boruah, P K; Boruah, KIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]436-439
Scintillation and depolarisation models for satellite communications in the 20-50 GHz bandVanhoenacker-Janvier, Danielle; Oestges, Claude; Martellucci, AntonioIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]369-374
Propagation studies at Ku-band over an earth-space path at KolkataMaitra, Animesh; Chakravarty, Kaustav; Bhattacharya, Sheershendu; Bagchi, SrijibenduIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]363-368
Significance of instrumental biases and dilution of precision in the context of GAGANSultana, Quddusa; Sunehra, Dhiraj; Ratnam, D Venkata; Rao, P V D Somasekhar; Sarma, A DIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]405-410
Application of classical two-ray and other models for coverage predictions of rural mobile communications over various zones of IndiaPrasad, M V S N; Ratnamala, K; Gupta, M M; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]423-429
Cloud attenuation and cloud noise temperature over some Indian eastern stations for satellite communicationKumar, Anil; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]375-378
Remote sensing of radio ducts using wind profilersSengupta, N; Glover, I AIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]383-385
Estimation of cross-polarization due to rain over some stations in IndiaJaiswal, R Sen; Geetha, P; Uma, SIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]379-382
Propagation channel, capacity and error probability for dual-polarized wireless transmissionsOestges, ClaudeIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]411-417