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Crustacean hyperglycemic hormone family Neurohormones: A prevailing tool to decipher the physiology of crustaceansShrivastava, Sajal; Princy, S. AdlineIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]434-440
Evaluation of salt-section and interpretation of wells in the Kashagan field, Southern part of Pre-Caspian depression, KazakhstanAkhmedzhanov, T K; Elmaksoud, A S Abd; Baiseit, D. K.; Igembaev, I BIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]329-336
Distribution of copper in the coastal waters of Kalpakkam and comment on "Distribution of heavy metals in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant, east coast of India: with emphasis on copper concentration and primary productivity" published in Indian Journal of Marine Sciences (2010), Volume 39 (Issue 2) by Rajamohan et al. (2010) Satpathy, K K; Biswas, SIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]323-328
Chelation technique for the removal of heavy metals (As, Pb, Cd and Ni ) from green mussel, Perna viridis Azelee, I Wan; Ismail, R; Ali, R; Bakar, W A W A AbuIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]372-376
Dinoflagellate [cyst] [S1] as signals for eutrophication in the eastern harbour of Alexandria-EgyptIsmael, A; El-Masry, E; Khadr, AIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]365-371
Blue swimming crab, Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758) as monitors of mercury contamination from Persian Gulf, South Iran Hosseini, Mehdi; Nabavi, Seyed Mohammad Bagher; Monikh, Fazel Abdolahpur; Peery, SadeghIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]377-383
High resolution satellite gravity over a part of the Sir Creek offshore on west northwest margin of the Indian subcontinentMajumdar, T J; Bhattacharyya, RIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]337-339
Occurrence and seasonal variation in distribution of fecal indicator bacteria in Tapi estuary along the West coast of IndiaBorade, Sunil; Dhawde, Rutuja; Maloo, Ayushi; Gajbhiye, S N; Dastager, Syed GIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]340-347
Distribution, abundance and diversity of phytoplankton in the inshore waters of Nizampatnam, South East coast of IndiaPandiyarajan, R S; Shenai-Tirodkar, Prachi S; Ayajuddin, M; Ansari, Z AIJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]348-356
Distribution of phytoplankton along an environmental gradient off Kakinada, East Coast of IndiaAyajuddin, M.; Pandiyarajan, R. S.; Ansari, Z. A.IJMS Vol.43(3) [March 2014]357-364