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Genetic variability in production performance of Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) using microsatellite polymorphismSikka, P; Sethi, R KIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]103-107
Areca husk: An inexpensive substrate for citric acid production by Aspergillus niger under solid state fermentationNarayanamurthy, G; Ramachandra, Y L; Rai, S Padmalatha; Manohara, Y N; Kavitha, B TIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]99-102
Analysis of microsatellite markers in Ongole breed of cattleKarthickeyan, S M K; Kumarasamy, P; Sivaselvam, S N; Saravanan, R; Thangaraju, PIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]113-116
Comparative efficacy of different DNA extraction methods for PCR-based assay in Tectona grandis L.f.Narayanan, C; Dubey, Swapnil; Wali, Syed Arif; Shukla, Nidhi; Kumar, Randhir; Mandal, A K; Ansari, S AIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]133-136
Studies on differential growth behaviour of two alpine herbs of Western Himalaya from different altitudes under in vitro conditionsPandey, Subedar; Malik, Sonia; Sharma, Sanjeev; Sharma, MadhuIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]137-140
Prokaryotic expression of a 750 bp capsid region of bovine immunodeficiency virus gag gene and development of a recombinant capsid (p26) protein based immunoassay for seroprevalence studiesBhatia, Sandeep; Patil, S S; Sood, Richa; Dubey, Renu; Bhatia, Ashok K; Pattnaik, B; Pradhan, H KIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]50-55
Evaluation of α- and β-glucosidase inhibitory properties of macro-algae using intestinal extracts of marine snail, Thais rudolphi (Lamarck, 1822)Pramitha, V S; Lipton, A P; Thangaraj, MIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]61-65
Nutrigenomics: Looking to DNA for nutrition adviceMunshi, Anjana; Duvvuri, V ShantiIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]32-40
PCR detection of densonucleosis virus isolates in silkworm (Bombyx mori) from India and their nucleotide variabilityAwasthi, A K; Pradeep, A R; Srivastava, P P; Vijayan, K; Kumar, Vineet; Urs, S RajeIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]56-60
Kinetics studies on ethanol production from banana peel waste using mutant strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeManikandan, K; Saravanan, V; Viruthagiri, TIJBT Vol.7(1) [January 2008]83-88