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Title: Studies on Methane Emission form Bhalswa Landfill, Delhi, and Anaerobic Digestion of Landfill Wastes (MSW) for Biogas Production
Authors: Sahu, K D P
Kumar, Sushil
Jain, M C
Gupta, Navindu
Issue Date: Jun-2001
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Landfill, the garbage/ Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) disposal site, is one of the important sources of greenhouse gases (GHGs) to the atmosphere which cause global warming. Methane, one of the most important GHGs, is of particular significance for air environment and accounts for about 15 per cent of global warming. However, with respect to methane flux from landfill site, there is a wide variability. The studies on the quantitative measurements of methane flux from Bhalswa Landfill, Delhi, reveal that the methane flux are maximum during June (37.14 gm-2d-1) at heap temperature 36°C and minimum (8.62 gm-2d-1) at 23°C heap temperature during the month of December. The average annual emission has been found as 23.18 gm-2d-1, resulting in the total annual emission of 2370 tonne methane to the atmosphere from Bhalswa Landfill alone. In laboratory studies on biogas production from biodegradable portion of MSW, it has been observed that MSW can yield 90.60 L biogas/kg dry matter (OM) only as compared to 155.24 L biogas/kg DM from control cowdung. The biogas yield from MSW and cowdung. (CD) mixture has been found as 140.16(1:3), 124.62 (1:1) and 112.98 L/kg DM(3:1 ), during digestion period of 9 weeks. The decomposition of total solids (TS) and volatile solids (VS) has been found to range between 4.0 to 24 per cent and 2 1.47 to 44.34 per cent, respectively in different treatment s. The concentrations of nutrient elements (mainly NPK) in residual slurry have been conserved with narrowing down of C:N ratio, making it a good manure. The biogas spent slurry obtained after digestion is excellent manure and a depleted source of methane.
Page(s): 35-40
ISSN: 0975-2412 (Online); 0771-7706 (Print)
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