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Title: Use of Nitrification Regulators for Increasing Efficiency of Urea: A Comparative Study
Authors: Tomar, S. S.
Sharma, J. P.
Sharma, B. M.
Issue Date: Dec-2000
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Nitrogenous fertilisers have a great role in sustainable agriculture. In tropical soils. the efficiency of soil-applied nitrogen is abysmally low because of losses due to volatalisation, denitrification and leaching. It not only causes a great economic loss to the farmers but also results in environmental pollution. This loss of soil nitrogen can be reduced to some extent by the use of suitable nitrification regulator chemicals which reduce the rapid conversion of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitrite and nitrate nitrogen. and hence regulate the denitrification process. These chemicals. due to their high cost, are beyond the reach of a common farmer even today. On the basis of pot culture studies carried out in I.A.R.I. Farm soil a typic Usochrept, six coated urea preparations. viz. urea plus Karanj seed hexane extract (KSCU); neem seed hexane extract (NSCU). Alpha-hexachlorocyclohexxane (a-HCH), 1,2,4-trichloro-5-nitrobenzene (NTTCU). 2-(N-4.5-dichloro-2-nitrophenyl) aminoethanol (DCEU) and dicyandiamide (DCDU), are evaluated in wheat crop, in field during rabi season of 1988-99. All these treatments, at two percent of nitrogen, gave better dry matter yield (both grain and straw) in experimental crop and exhibited greater Nuptake and N-recovery as compared to urea alone. HCHU, NTCU and DCEU were comparable to DCDU in regulating N-uptake from soil applied urea as indicated by dry matter yield of wheat crop. None of the treatments has shown any detrimental effect on sol health after harvest of the crop.
Page(s): 72-77
ISSN: 0975-2412 (Online); 0771-7706 (Print)
Appears in Collections:BVAAP Vol.08(2) [December 2000]

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