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Hindi Translation in Science WritingMishra, Ishwar ChandBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]108-110
Science Writing in Hindi - Problems and PossibilitiesKumar, SanjayBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]102-107
Environment-friendly Use of Base Active-Base Constant Cellulase in Recycling of PaperLachakey, Anil; Vyas, Santosh; Synkar, SudhakarBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]100-101
Aromatherapy in Health CareChowdhury, A RBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]97-99
Contribution of Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Plants in the Development of Healthy Body and MindMishra, Hari PrasadBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]92-96
Importance of Agriculture in Pollution Control in Distillery IndustryJoshi, Hem ChandraBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]89-91
Detergent EnzymesTiwari, SudhaBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]86-88
Production of Bio-insecticide Azadirectin by Plant Cell Culture of Neem (Azadirecta india)Prakash, Gunjan; Keyur, Raval; Srivastava, A KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]81-85
Effect of Purewater Biofilm on Corrosion of CopperMohanan, S; Marudmuttu, S; Venketachari, G; Gopalkrishnan, J R; Palniswami, NBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]77-80
Siderophore Producing Alkalygenes ficlis : An Effective AntifungalSayyad, R J; Chincholkar, S BBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]74-76
Formation of Biodegradable Plastic (PHB) from Azotobacter vinelandii from the Soil of AmravatiTambekar, DilipBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]71-73
Updated Status of the Development of Bio SensorsKhanna, Vinod Kumar; Ahmad, ShameemBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]67-70
Synthesis of New Series of Heterocyclic Thiazolidin-Erylidins and Thiadiazolyl-Azitidins : Bioactive MoleculesSrivastava, S K; Srivastava, S D; Srivastava, SomyaBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]64-66
Role of Peptide in Crop Insects Disease Resistance in PlantsThomas, George; Ramteke, P WBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]61-63
Chemical Synthesis of Triazolil-Thiazolidin and Erylidins: Antibacterial and Antiinflammatory AgentSrivastava, S D; Srivastava, Somya; Srivastava, S KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]58-60
Production Suitability & Characteristics of Heatstable Alpha Amylase from Solid State Enzyme by Bacillus species PS-1Soni, S K; Kanupriya; Gupta, Meenu; Gupta, J KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]53-57
New Dimensions of Microbial Technique: Coal Processing and Desulfurization, Separation of Metals and Environment ProtectionTripathi, Prem Shankar ManiBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]47-52
Antisense Treatment and BiocoupleMishra, Satyendra; Tripathi, Snehlata; Mishra, KrishnaBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]44-46
Effect of Culture and Environment on the Production of Heat Stable Glucoamylase by Mutated Aspergillus species UV-1 through Solid State FermentationGupta, J K; Gupta, Menu; Kanupriya; Soni, S KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]37-43
Designing, Synthesis and Application of Mixed Biocouple of Piperine-Curcumine with Glycine as an Active MedicineMishra, Satyendra; Narayan, Upma; Mishra, KrishnaBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]34-36
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23