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Title: Cation distribution in the nano size aluminium substituted cobalt ferrites using XRD, magnetic and Mössbauer spectral studies
Authors: Singhal, Sonal
Barthwal, S K
Chandra, Kailash
Keywords: Cobalt ferrites;Nano size aluminium;Mössbauer spectral studies;Aerosol
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: B82B, G01J3/28
Abstract: Aerosol route have been used to prepare the nano size ferrites CoFe₂O₄, CoAl₀․₃₇Fe₁․₆₃O₄, CoAl₀․₉₅Fe₁․₀₅O₄ and CoAl₁․₃₆Fe₀․₆₄O₄. A decrease in lattice parameter and saturation magnetization with the increase of aluminium concentration was attributed to the smaller ionic radius and weakening of exchange interactions respectively. Room temperature Mössbauer spectra of as obtained samples exhibited a broad doublet suggesting super paramagnetic nature. The samples annealed at 1200ºC showed broad sextets, which were fitted with different sextets, due to the tetrahedrally and octahedrally coordinated iron cation. The cation distribution calculated from the X-ray intensity and Mössbauer data indicated that Al³⁺ ions enter into A and B sites in ~2 : 3 ratio and Fe³⁺(oct.)/Fe³⁺(tet.) ratio increases with Al³⁺ concentration.
Page(s): 821-825
ISSN: 0019-5596
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.45(10) [October 2007]

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