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Preparation, Characterization and Application of Zeolite-based Catalyst for Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking OilHassani, Maryam; Najafpour, Ghasem D; Mohammadi, Maedeh; Rabiee, MahmoodJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]129-133
An experimental investigation on off-grid solar photovoltaic power system using matrix converterSumithira, T R; kumar, A NirmalJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]124-128
Development and Testing of Ring Shaped Force TransducersKumar, Sudhir; Kumar, HJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]103-106
A versatile automation program using LabVIEW for low dc current measurementBabita; Sharma, Divya K; Satish; Ansari, M A; Saxena, A KJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]91-94
An adaptive window hybrid median filter for despeckling of medical ultrasound imagesUmamaheswari, G; Vanithamani, RJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]100-102
Design of High Speed Low Power Counter using PipeliningVijeyakumar, K N; Sumathy, V; Pramod, P; Saravanakumar, SJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]117-123
Enhancing the performance of MEMS pressure sensors using ‘v’-shaped piezoresistor-sensing elementsHaniff, Muhammad Aniq Shazni Mohammad; Lee, Hing Wah; Embong, Saat Shukri; Azid, Ishak Hj AbdJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]107-111
Fatigue Strain Signal Behaviour and Damage Assessment of an Engine Mount BracketZakaria, K A; Abdullah, S; Ghazali, M J; Nuawi, M Z; Beden, S M; Nopiah, Z MJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]112-116
Co-precipitation method of synthesis and characterization of iron oxide nanoparticlesKandpal, N D; Sah, N; Loshali, R; Joshi, R; Prasad, JJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]87-90
Antimicrobial activity and Chemical composition of leaf oil in two varieties of Piper betle from northern plains of IndiaSaxena, Mohit; Khare, Naveen K; Saxena, Priyanka; Syamsundar, Kodakandla V; Srivastava, Santosh KJSIR Vol.73(02) [February 2014]95-99