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Electronic structure and electric field gradient calculations for H⁺ and μ⁺ in simple metals using spherical solid modelPal, B; Singh, J; Singh, Pawan; Chaturvedi, D KIJPAP Vol.45(12) [december 2007]950-958
Determination of Allan deviation of Cesium atomic clock for lower averaging timeBanerjee, P; Chatterjee, ArundhatiIJPAP Vol.45(12) [december 2007]945-949
Specific heat jump in anisotropic YBa₂Cu₃O₇₋δ superconductorKhanna, K M; Kirui, M S Karap; Sakwa, T W; Torongey, P K; Ayodo, K Y; Rotich, SIJPAP Vol.45(11) [November 2007]991-993
Growth and characterization of In-Sb thin film structureMangal, R K; Tripathi, B; Singh, M; Vijay, Y K; Rais, AIJPAP Vol. 45(12) [December 2007]987-990
Copolymer formation through ultrasonic and viscosity measurementsAkhare, V P; Burghate, D K; Deogaonkar, V SIJPAP Vol. 45(12) [December 2007]984-986
FTIR and laser Raman spectra of 2-hydroxy-5 - methyl-3-nitro pyridineYadav, B S; Ali, Israt; Kumar, Pradeep; Yadav, PreetiIJPAP Vol. 45(12) [December 2007]979-983
FT-IR, FT-Raman spectra and ab- initio DFT vibrational analysis of 2-chloro-5-aminopyridineSundaraganesan, N; Joshua, B Dominic; Rajamoorthy, M; Gangadhar, C HIJPAP Vol. 45(12) [December 2007]969-978
Estimation of electron temperature in 14.45 GHz ECR ion source plasma by analysis of Bremsstrahlung spectraRanjini, K; Nabhiraj, P Y; Das, S K; Mallik, C; Bhandari, R KIJPAP Vol. 45(12) [December 2007]965-968
Dynamical fluctuation of compound multiplicity in nucleus-nucleus interactions at 4.5 AGeV  Evidence of projectile dependence of azimuthal asymmetryGhosh, Dipak; Deb, Argha; Biswas, Subrata; Mandal, Pasupati; Haldar, Prabir KumarIJPAP Vol.45(12) [December 2007]959-964
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 9 of 9