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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2007⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer studies of pseudo-binary alloy system Fe₁₋yCrySb₂ for 0 ≤y ≤ 0.97 at 300 KSharma, R K; Sharma, Y K
Oct-2007Magnetization and Mössbauer studies of Ni₃₋xCuxFe alloys in nano-crystalline stateSharma, M P; Prashant, B L; Krishnamurthy, Anjali; Srivastava, Bipin K
Oct-2007Mössbauer study of nano-particles of spinel ferrites LixFe₃₋xO₄Chander, Subhash; Sharma, M P; Krishnamurthy, Anjali; Srivastava, Bipin K
Oct-2007FTIR and Mössbauer spectroscopy applied to study of archaeological artefacts from Maligaimedu, Tamil Nadu, IndiaManoharan, C; Venkatachalapathy, R; Dhanapandian, S; Deenadayalan, K
Oct-2007Mössbauer spectroscopy: An essential tool for nanoparticle magnetism in Co₀․₂Zn₀․₈Fe₂O₄ ferriteBhowmik, R N; Ranganathan, R
Oct-2007Ferromagnetism at room temperature in ball-milled Al-1at.%FeSebastian, Varkey; Suwalka, Om Prakash; Lakshmi, N; Venugopalan, K
Oct-2007Electronic, Mössbauer and magnetic studies of self-assembled monodispersed FePt nanoparticlesGajbhiye, N S
Oct-2007Application of ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy to hydrometallurgyAnand, S; Verma, H C
Oct-2007Mössbauer and magnetic studies for the coexistence of Ɛ-Fe₃₋xNixN and ϒ'-Fe₄₋yNiyN phases in Fe-Ni-N nanoparticlesGajbhiye, N S; Bhattacharyya, Sayan
Oct-2007⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer study of Ti⁴⁺-substituted Li₀․₅ ₍₁₊x ₎Cr₀․₁Fe₂․₄₋₁․₅xO₄ spinelsChhantbar, M C; Gismelseed, A; Modi, K B; Baldha, G J; Yousif, Ali; Joshi, H H
Oct-2007Mössbauer studies of CuFe-72% alloyVerma, H C
Oct-2007Application of Mössbauer spectroscopy in thermal decomposition studies of some metal ferricarboxylatesRandhawa, B S; Gandotra, K
Oct-2007High pressure Mössbauer spectroscopyChandra, Usha
Oct-2007Hyperfine fields in nano particles of Cr₀․₂₅Co₀․₂₅Zn₀․₅Fe₂O₄Sharma, Ram Kripal; Suwalka, Om Prakash; Lakshmi, N; Venugopalan, K
Oct-2007Hyperfine interactions in Heusler systemsVenugopalan, K
Oct-2007Mössbauer study of nanoparticles of Co₀․₄Zn₀․₆Fe₂O₄Dolia, S N; Prasad, Arun S; Dhawan, M S; Chander, Subhash; Sharma, M P
Oct-2007Cation distribution in the nano size aluminium substituted cobalt ferrites using XRD, magnetic and Mössbauer spectral studiesSinghal, Sonal; Barthwal, S K; Chandra, Kailash
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17