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Theoretical and experimental studies of vibrational spectra of naphthalene and its cationSrivastava, Alka; Singh, V BIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]714-720
Dielectric studies of methyl methacrylate and butyl methacrylate with primary alcohols using time domain reflectometryKhan, F Liakath Ali; Sivagurunathan, P; Kamil, S Raja Mohamed; Mehrotra, S CIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]754-758
Synthesis and characterization of BaTiO₃ and LiNbO₃ ceramic powdersSreenivasulu, A; Prasad, T N V K V; Buddhudu, SIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]741-744
Temperature dependent positron annihilation in one-dimensional weakly coupled one component plasmaTewari, S P; Sood, Jyoti; Dhingra, GrimaIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]738-740
Dielectric study of spin coated nano-thick BaZrxTi₁₋xO₃ filmRout, S K; Badapanda, T; Panigrahi, SIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]749-753
Pressure-volume-temperature relationship for diatomic solids based on inverted and non-inverted equations of stateDigpratap, S; Sushil, K; Singh, B PIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]721-725
Evaluation of thermal performance of heat exchanger unit for parabolic solar cooker for off-place cookingMurty, V V S; Gupta, A; Mandloi, N; Shukla, AIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]745-748
Viscosity of eutectic silumin alloy in ultrasonic field and estimation of melting temperatureMoraru, LuminitaIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]733-737
Comparative study of compressibilities of ternary liquid systems from two liquid state model at 298.15 KShukla, R K; Kumar, Atul; Srivastava, Kirti; Yadav, ShilpiIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]726-732
Current-mode multifunction filter using current differencing transconductance amplifierShah, N A; Quadri, Munazah; Iqbal, S ZIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]767-769