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Predicting Effective Mass Transfer Area in Randomly-packed Column—Design ConsiderationsSenol, AynurJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]777-789
Influence of Zeolite on the Mineralogical Properties Autoclaved Aerated ConcreteAlbayrak, Mustafa; Ayyildiz, TurhanJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]809-812
Effect of Compounding Ingredients on Rheometric Characteristics and Physical Properties of a Rubber Based Shoe SoleKarak, N; Roy, MJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]820-826
Treatment and Decolourisation of an Azo Dye in Industrial EffluentJain, RajeevJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]813-819
Evaluation of Properties of Fibres Extracted from Certain Weeds for Use in Paper and Cordage IndustriesGoswami, T; Saikia, C NJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]802-808
Seasonal Variation of PM10 and SPM Levels in Ambient Air Around a Cement PlantSharma, Rajnikant; Pervez, ShamshJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]827-833
Extraction and Separation of Platinum (IV), and Palladium (II) with CYANEX 923 in Chloride Media— A Possible Recovery from Spent AutocatalystsChavan, Devendra V; Dhadke, Purushottam MJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]834-837
Spatial and Seasonal Variability of Ambient Concentrations of Particulate Matter Around an Integrated Steel Plant: A Case StudySharma, Rajnikant; Pervez, ShamshJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]838-845
Modeling for the Pressure Field Calculation in Acoustic CavityChakraverty, S; Panigrahi, S KJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]773-776
Studies on Solar Drying of Two Liquid BiowastesEbison, O A; Francis, M SJSIR Vol.62(08) [August 2003]790-795