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Statistical optimization of physical conditions for phenol degradation using effective microorganism-ISivasubramanian, S; Namasivayam, S Karthick RajaIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]14-20
Modeling of permeation flux decline during oily wastewaters treatment by MF – PAC hybrid process using mullite ceramic membranesAbbasi, Mohsen; Taheri, AboozarIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]49-55
Biodegradation of phenolic wastewater in a bubble column bioreactor with internal draft tubeRayi, Naveen Kumar; Ananthula, Venu VinodIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]44-48
Kinetic modelling of Fe3+ ion uptake by zeolite from waterĆurković, L; Bolanča, T; Šiljeg, M; Foglar, LIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]56-62
Synthesis of polymeric chelating ligands from sago starch for metal removal from electroplating wastewaterRahman, Md Lutfor; Yusoff, Mashitah Mohd; Malek, Muhammad Nor Fazli Abd; Samah, Nurlin AbuIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]30-37
Prevention of carcinogenic Cr (VI) formation in leather –A three pronged approach for leather productsDevikavathi, G; Suresh, S; Rose, C; Muralidharan, CIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]7-13
Artificial neural network models for advanced oxidation of organics in water matrix–Comparison of applied methodologiesBolanča, Tomislav; Ukić, Šime; Peternel, Igor; Kušić, Hrvoje; Božić, Ana LončarićIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]21-29
Evaluation of polymer-agglomerated granular tri-calcium phosphate for fluoride removal from drinking waterSivasankari, C; Arulanantham, AIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]70-77
Transformation of linezolid during water treatment with chlorine ─ A kinetic studyKulkarni, Raviraj M; Hanagadakar, Manjunath S; Malladi, Ramesh S; Gudaganatti, Mahadev S; Biswal, Himansu S; Nandibewoor, Sharanappa TIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]38-43
Self sustained autogenous dissolution of medium grade manganese ore of Gujarat in NH3OHCl-H2SO4-H2O mediumHariprasad, D; Mohapatra, M; Rao, K Srinivasa; Anand, SIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]63-69