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Adsorption of VOC on steam activated carbon derived from coconut shell charcoalAnuradha, S; Raj, K Joseph Antony; Elangovan, T; Viswanathan, BIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]345-349
Modeling catalytic naphtha reforming process using discrete lumping approachMohaddecy, Reza Seif; Sadighi, SepehrIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]309-320
Synthesis of xylene over cerium modified large pore zeolite: A kinetic studyThakur, Ruchika; Barman, Sanghamitra; Gupta, Raj KumarIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]379-385
Experimental and quantum chemical studies on corrosion inhibition performance of some Schiff bases for mild steel in 4M HClYadav, M; Behera, Debasis; Kumar, Sumit; Sinha, R RIJCT Vol.21(4) [July 2014]262-271
Oxidative decolourization of Rhodamine-B using sea nodule residueSatapathy, P K; Das, Marina; Sahoo, A KIJCT Vol.21(4) [July 2014]257-261
Effect of alkali treatment process parameters on semi refined carrageenan functional groupsAnisuzzaman, S M; Bono, Awang; Krishnaiah, Duduku; Ariffin, Buhri; Lee, RickyIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]386-391
Removal of copper from aqueous solution using activated silica fume with/without apocarbonic anhydraseNadaroglu, Hayrunnisa; Kalkan, EkremIJCT Vol.21(4) [July 2014]249-256
Quantitative determination of ciprofloxacin residues for cleaning validation in manufacturing equipment surfaceShah, Purvi; Champaneri, Naitik; Solanki, Kamlesh; Thakkar, Vaishali; Patel, Kalpana; Gandhi, TejalIJCT Vol.21(4) [July 2014]233-237
Comparative study on the removal of copper (II) and nickel (II) from aqueous soluion using cellulose extracted from sisal fiber and cellulose grafted acrylonitrile copolymerHajeeth, T; Gomathi, T; Sudha, P NIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]328-337
A low cost adsorbent prepared from Curcuma angustifolia scales for removal of Basic violet 14 from aqueous solutionSuresh, S; Sugumar, R Wilfred; Maiyalagan, TIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]368-378