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Low Order Harmonic Reduction of Three Phase Multilevel InverterMaheswari, A.; Gnanambal, I.JSIR Vol.73(03) [March 2014]168-172
Metrics for Computing Performance of Data Center for Instigating Energy Efficient Data CentersUddin, Mueen; Shah, Asadullah; Rehman, AmjadJSIR Vol.73(01) [January 2014]11-15
Mechanical and electrical behavior of a novel satellite multifunctional structural batteryWang, Yang; Peng, Chaoyi; Zhang, WeihuaJSIR Vol.73(03) [March 2014]163-167
Sulfated locust bean gum hydrogel beads for immediate analgesic effect of tramadol hydrochlorideMaiti, Sabyasachi; Chowdhury, Moumita; Chakraborty, Amrita; Ray, Somasree; Sa, BiswanathJSIR Vol.73(01) [January 2014]21-28
Evaluation of antioxidant activity of Saraca indica leaves extracts using in vitro and ex vivo modelsSen, Saikat; Chakraborty, Raja; Verma, Angad; De, Biplab; Devanna, N; Dey, Biplab KumarJSIR Vol.73(03) [March 2014]157-162
Computational Study for Disrupted Production System with Time Dependent DemandKhedlekar, Uttam Kumar; Shukla, Diwakar; Chandel, RPSJSIR Vol.73(05) [May 2014]294-301
Experimental reduction of NOx and HC emissions in a CI engine fuelled with methyl ester of neem oil using p-phenylenediamine antioxidantBalaji, G.; Cheralathan, M.JSIR Vol.73(03) [March 2014]177-180
The influence of cutting parameter on heat generation in high-speed milling Inconel 718 under MQL conditionKasim, MS; Haron, CH Che; Ghani, JA; Azam, MA; RIzamshah; Ali, MA Md; Aziz, MS AJSIR Vol.73(01) [January 2014]62-65
A Performance Analysis of Different Scanning Paths on Lossless Image Compression for Radiographic Welding ImagesKarthikeyan, B.; Vaithiyanathan, V.; Venkatraman, B.; Menaka, M.JSIR Vol.73(04) [April 2014]214-218
Performance optimization of Carry Select Adders using Variable Latency design styleJayanthi, A. N.; Ravichandran, C .S.JSIR Vol.73(05) [May 2014]290-293