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Radon exhalation rates from soils and stones as building materialsChauhan, R P; Chakarvarti, S KIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]670-673
Thermal decomposition studies of struvitesPaul, Issac; Varghese, George; Ittyachen, M AIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]664-669
Studies on chemically deposited bismuth sulphotelluride [Bi2(S1-x Tex)3] thin films Mane, R K; Ajalkar, B D; Bhosale, P NIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]660-663
Dielectric relaxation studies of 100 MeV Ni58 ion irradiated kapton-H polyimide film Prabhavathi, T; Sridharbabu, Y; Quamara, J KIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]654-659
Laser Raman spectroscopic studies of order-disorder phase transitions in Na3BaCl5.2H2O crystals Swamy, M A Kandha; Srinivasan, V; Venkateswaran, Sugandhi; Thomas, Susy; Karanjikar, N PIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]650-653
Summary of existing information on gamma-ray and X-ray attenuation coefficients of solutionsSingh, Kulwant; Gerward, LIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]643-649
Low concentration dopant disorder modified carrier scattering and related correlations in YBCOUpreti, U C; Narlikar, A VIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]637-642
Dielectric constant/loss behaviour of 11.6 MeV/n U238 ion irradiated poly (p-hydroxy benzoic acid-co-ethylene terephthalate) liquid crystal polymer Sridharbabu, Y; Prabhavathi, T; Quamara, J KIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]633-636
Effect of antimony dopant on structural and optical properties of CdSe thin filmsMasumdar, E U; Mane, S H; Pujari, V B; Deshmukh, L PIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]624-632
Effect of high electric field on conduction of TeO2-V2O5-MoO3 amorphous thin films Elahi, Mohammad; Souri, DariushIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]620-623
Temperature dependence of dielectric tangent loss in KDP and DKDP crystals at microwave frequenciesUpadhyay, Trilok Chandra; Semwal, Birendra SinghIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]615-619
Night driving filter for automobilesRao, P K; Dodd, D S; Singh, VirenderIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]611-614
TEA CO2 laser with flat temporal outputKumar, Aniruddha; Bhatt, R BIJPAP Vol.40(09) [September 2002]607-610
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13