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Lβ2 satellites in X-ray emission spectra of elements 75Re, 77Ir and 79Au Poonia, S; Soni, S NIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]236-241
X-ray, K-absorption near edge structural study of some copper(II) complexes with amino acids as ligandsMishra, A; Mahajan, M; Johar, K KIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]232-235
Modeling, characterization and optimization of tri-step doped InAIAs/InGaAs heterostructure, InP based HEMT for microwave frequency applicationsGupta, Ritesh; Gupta, Mridula; Gupta, R SIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]223-231
Non-linear cross-talk analysis in fiber Raman amplifiersChaubey, V K; Jagannathan, V; Rajagopalan, R; Seshadrinathan, RIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]217-222
Anomalous resistive transition and frequency dependent dielectric constant of Zn1-xMxO [M=Li (Mg, Ba)] system Khan, M K R; Rahman, M Mozibur; Mia, S Javed; Shahajahan, MIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]211-216
Fluorscence properties of Nd3+ doped B2O3-P2O5-Li2SO4Aruna, V; Hussain, N Sooraj; Prasad, N V VIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]206-210
Crystallization kinetics of Fe78B13Si9 metallic glass before and after high-energy heavy ion irradiation Jain, Rohit; Saxena, N S; Bhandari, DeepikaIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]198-205
Acoustics and thermodynamics of alcoholic solution of calcium nitratePrasad, Narayani; Daudi, A AIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]193-197
Influence of inhibition of citric acid and lemon juice to the growth of calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate urinary crystalsJoshi, Vimal S; Joshi, Mihir JIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]183-192
Field-emission in diamond-like carbon films grown by various techniquesPanwar, O S; Kumar, Sushil; Rajput, S S; Sharma, Rajnish; Bhattacharyya, RIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]175-182
Calorimetric measurements on Te-Bi-Se glasses with variation in Bi contentSaxena, Manish; Rastogi, Nikhil; Agarwal, Animesh; Bhatnagar, P KIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]171-174
Numerical solution of hydromagnetic unsteady free convection flow past an infinite porous plateSingh, Atul KumarIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]167-170
Vibrational spectra and analysis on the molecule of potassium pentaborate crystal (KB5)Joseph, V; Santhanam, Y; Gunasekaran, v; Sagayaraj, P; Ponnusamy, SIJPAP Vol.41(03) [March 2003]161-166
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13